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Web site evaluation: Reflection

I really liked Kathleen Schrock's web site assessment rubric because it really does give an excellent checklist to evaluate any web site. However, ehen thinking in practical terms, it is too involved and takes quite some time to complete.

Cisnes, Savador Dalí

As an alternative I would come up with a much simpler checklist which would include the ollowing items:

1. Who is the author and how do you know the author knows what s/he is talking about?
2. Is the information well written and is it relatively easy to understand?
3. How old is the material that is on the web page? For Spanish this is not really that important, but it is important to know how old the methodology that is used on the web site, and is the information really old?
3. Is the author or the web page trying to sell me something?
4. What is the web site design like? Is it easy to navigate? Is the content paramount or are there a lot of useless and unnecessary images that serve no purpose?

I honestly believe that one can judge a web page with just these 4 criteria.

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