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WebQuest: Task

Seamos libres
Let's be free, and the rest is not important.

In groups of three you will put together a presentation (poster, PowerPoint or Web page) on any one of the leaders of the South American independence movements. Each of you will also write your own individual paper, with an MLA style Works Cited page at the end of the paper. One of you will present it to the class and all of you will receive the same grade the presenter gets on the presentation, so you will need to be fully engaged and help each other on this project.

Why use the MLA style for your Works Cited page?
Make your citations using
this handy tool.

As a group you can research one of the following leaders, or one from your country if you're from South America. If you choose one of your own, please check with me to make sure the leader you choose is from the first half of the 1800s.

Here is a list for yoou to choose from:

• Simón Bolívar
• José de San Martín
• Bernardo O'Higgins
• José Gervasio Artigas, Uruguay
• Antonio José de Sucre, Venezuela
• Francisco de Miranda, Venezuela

Each group is responsible for turning in the following items:

• A written or oral presentation of what you have learned. Both styles of presentation must include the following:

1. A biography of the person's life, what prepared this person for the role he took on during the independence movement of his country and what the personal and national results of his actions were. The written part of this assignment must be put together on a computer using double-space Arial font, size 14. Each person is responsible for turning in your own version of this biography, and you may get help from anyone you want. Copying it three times will earn you no credit.

2. A poster, or a presentation that uses either PowerPoint or a web page that you will use during your oral presentation.

3. All presentations must include: images of the person in question, battles they were in, why they decided to fight for independence, how they ideas were connected (or not) to the Enlightenment, etc.

4. Each project will include a 10-15 question quiz based on what is presented and will be given by the goups that is presenting.

5. Finally, each of you will put together a list of the sources you used, and the works you cited at the end of your paper.

Bernardo O'Higgins
José de San Martín
Simón Bolívar
Bernardo O'Higgins
José de San Martín
Simón Bolívar

Content standards

Content, Stage IV
4.0 Students acquire information, recognize distinctive viewpoints and further their knowledge of other disciplines.
4.1 Students address complex concrete, factual and abstract topics related to the immediate and external environment, including: d. World events, social and political issues, e. Belief systems, and h. The nature of our interdependent world

Communication Stage IV
• 4.0 Students use extended language (coherent and cohesive multi- paragraph texts).
• 4.1 Engage in oral, written, or signed (ASL) conversations.
• 4.2 Interpret written, spoken, or signed (ASL) language.
• 4.3 Present to an audience of listeners, readers, or ASL viewers.
• 4.4 Discuss, compare and contrast, support an opinion, persuade.

Cultures, Stage IV
• 4.3 Explain change in perspectives when cultures come in contact.

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