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WebQuest: Process

In order to find our all we can about these leaders and do a great presentation, follow the process below. Since we are in teams of three, a good way to divide the work is to make sure everyone knows the material by having each person reseach a different source. You then can divide the work by having one of you be responsible for putting together the presentation project while the other person writes the written part and another is responsible for getting images and for putting together and typing the sources page.

I will ask every group who is responsible for which part of the project on the second day that we work on it.

Step 1 - Get to know what your independence leader looks like

First thing, start off by searching Google, or PicSearch if you're at school, to see how your independence leader is painted. There was no photography at this point in time, so you will notice that your independence leader may be pictured differently.

Make sure to save at least 2 images of your independence leader, when young, and then when older, and then try to find an image or a war he fought or of his armies.

Google images

Bernardo O'Higgins
José de San Martín
Simón Bolívar
Bernardo O'Higgins
José de San Martín
Simón Bolívar

Step 2 - Research on line, and take notes

Find web sites, in English and Spanish, you consider to be valid to find out about the life of your independence leader. Remember to check to see who put together the web site, whether the site ends in .com (not such a good source) or .edu (a great source) to help you figure out which sites are best to read about your independence leader.

You can read Wikipedia, in Spanish, but remember that you need to cross check your information with other reputable encyclopedias such as the New World Encyclopedia,or the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Remember that you need to think about what you read, take notes from each resource, save images you might want to use, and then put any information from your sources into your own words to make it yours. Not doing this can get you in trouble since you will be turning in the project via a plagiarism checker called Turn It In.

2009 World language content standards: Content, Stage IV, 4.0 and 4.1, Functions a, b, d, e, h

Step 3 - Start putting together the citation page

As you serach out information, keep a list of the web pages or books you looked at AND used so you can get your credits page done. You don't have to list the sites or books you don't use.

MLA citations generator (Helps you put together you bibiliography the way colleges want you to)

Step 4 - Take notes from each resource, save images you might want to use, and start the written part of your project

Once you've done your research, taken plenty of notes from each resource, and saved some images you might want to use, it is time to start writing a paper on your independence leader's life and accomplishments. It is best to do this before putting together your poster PowerPoint or Web page because writing is one of the best ways for you to organize your thoughts before putting them down on paper. Once you have written your 2-3 page essay you should be ready to put together the Poster PowerPoint or Web page of this project.

Step 4 - Work on your Poster, PowerPoint or Web page

You know your independence leader, what his life was like, what his accomplishments were, so get that poster, PowerPoint or Web page put together so that the information is clean and clear visually, and so that anyone can read it from a couple of feet away. Remeber that text should be a good deal larger on a poster than pn your paper so people can read your information from a distance.

Step 5 - Write the test you want to give your fellow students

This is the time for you to think about which the most important information your fellow students should remember from your presentation. Base on what you think, write 10-15 questions. Your questions can be open-ended where students need to write out their answers or they can be multiple choice questions. Make sure that the test is not too hard, or too easy.

Step 6 - Write the report on your independence leader

By now you should have enough information to start writing. Writing a biography is much easier than writing an essay because a biography is written chronologically, that is, in the orfer of the events in a person's life. So start with where your independence leader was born and to whom, what their education was, how they got to a position where they could influence the direction of their countries and then what they did to free them from Spanish control. End with the personal and national consequences of their actions and a brief statement on what you think of your independence leader now that you know him well.

2009 World language content standards: Structures, Stage IV, 4.0, 4.1
Cultures 4.1, 4.2, 4.3

Step 7 - Give your presentation, in Spanish

By this point you should be a bonafide expert in your independence movement, so let it show on your presentation. Speak clearly, with a loud enough voice, and be prepared to answer questions your fellow students might ask. Point out the most important aspects, making sure to cover everything you plan to ask in the test you wrote. At the end of your presentation allow your fellow students to ask any questions they may have.

2009 World language content standards: Communication, Stage IV, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.5 and 4.6
Settings Stage IV, 4.0

Step 8- Give the your test, grade it, and turn in your presentation and written report

All that's left now is for the test to be given and graded. Don't forget to turn in your presentation and written report. If you build a PowerPoint you will need to ive it to your teacher on a flash drive, and if you built a web page, just include the web address in the written paper.

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