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Differentiated Lesson Plan: Reflection

The differentiated lesson plan was quite a bit of work, but in the end, I think that what came out of it was much better than an undifferenciated lesson plan. I have learned in this class that differentiation does not need to happen in EVERY lesson, but I really think that it would be a good goal for next year to take my first year Spanish class for non-native speakers and rework my teaching of it by differentiating t least every second or third unit to start with. I realize that this is very important not just pedagogically, but also developmentally for these classes where the majority of my students are 9th "squirrly" graders. Allowing for choice in the instruction of the lessons I can plan over the summer and the assessment of the units I get done would go a long way to keeping them on-task and active while they learn what they need to learn to do well in this critically important level.

Amaya, Gold Medal roses ad my backyard: reflections of me
My daughter, by far, the best reflection of me.

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